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What is an “Information to Heirs and Devisees?”

In a previous post, we discussed the Personal Representative’s duty to inform by issuing the Information to Heirs and Devisees. This is a state prescribed form, 305ES. Today, we will look at this form from the recipient’s perspective. This form … Continue reading

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Uniform Simultaneous Death Act: Part II

In our first post on this topic, we discussed how to determine whether or not an heir or devisee survived the decedent. This post will explain how survival alters the administration and distribution in an estate. Effective January 1, 2014, … Continue reading

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Can My Spouse Disinherit Me?

Many people are surprised to learn that South Carolina law actually prohibits your from disinheriting your spouse absent their consent (i.e. a prenuptial agreement). The rights of the spouse to take from the estate will be determined by whether the … Continue reading

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What is a Life Estate?

Many clients approach us to discuss the possibility of using a life estate in their estate planning.  This post is designed to give an basic overview of the life estate. As always, please come in for a consult or schedule … Continue reading

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Am I An Heir? Part I – Share of spouse and children

It’s human nature after the death of someone to be curious as to whether or not you might be an heir to their estate. But, before you quit your day job and rely on living off of an inheritance, you … Continue reading

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