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What is a Conservator?

A Conservator is a court appointed person who handles the affairs of someone who is unable to do so on their own. In the Probate Court, a Conservator can be appointed for a minor or an adult. Let’s look at … Continue reading

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What is a Court Appointed Guardian?

When people hear the term guardian, they often think of guardianship over a minor. As parents, we are the natural guardians of our own children. However, once that child turns eighteen (18), they no longer have a legal guardian. So, … Continue reading

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Who has the CAPACITY to make a will?

Probate Courts deal daily with the issue of “capacity.” When handling Conservatorship and Guardianship cases, they determine whether or not people have the capacity to manage their own affairs. When handling disputes over someone’s last will, they are often asked … Continue reading

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Personal Representative’s Duties: Duty to Inform

This post discuss a vital duty of Personal Representatives – the duty to inform the heirs and devisees. Continue reading

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Opening the Estate: Where?

As explained in a previous post, an estate must be opened in the county of domicile of the decedent. While people may have many residences, each of us only has one domicile. The court will determine the domicile of the … Continue reading

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