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The New Custody Battle – Who Gets Mom & Dad?

Understand the importance of choosing an agent to avoid ending up in a Probate Court custody battle. Continue reading

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Joint Bank Accounts In Probate Court

Well-intentioned family members often add a loved one to their bank accounts. There are a variety of reasons this may occur: shared expenses, planning for final expenses, long-term care concerns, or a potential for future incapacity. In many of these … Continue reading

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South Carolina Senior Citizens’ Handbook

The South Carolina Bar Association has a wonderful publication that we use regularly for our clients called the South Carolina Senior Citizens Handbook. This free publication is a great resource for anyone 55+. It addresses topics ranging from Medicare to … Continue reading

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Do I Need a POA (Power of Attorney)?

Many of our elderly clients come in asking for a Power of Attorney. A doctor, family member or friend may have mentioned that they need one, but aren’t able to explain why or what type. This post will provide some … Continue reading

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