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Can I Sell The Property?

Personal Representatives or heirs are often anxious to sell the real property due to the expense of holding the property if it’s vacant. Here’s what you need to know before signing a listing agreement or liquidating that real estate. If … Continue reading

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What is a Life Estate?

Many clients approach us to discuss the possibility of using a life estate in their estate planning. ┬áThis post is designed to give an basic overview of the life estate. As always, please come in for a consult or schedule … Continue reading

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Joint Tenancy and Your Children – Estate Planning Nightmares

While my firm does plenty of estate planning, my role in the firm is to handle the “litigated cases.” This means that I step in when things have gone wrong – sometimes horribly wrong – after someone passes away. Over … Continue reading

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Joint Tenancy and Spouses: Understanding SC Law

In South Carolina, you have the right to title assets (this includes real property, bank accounts, car titles and more) in several ways. Today’s post will not detail ALL of the various ways we can hold title, but will discuss … Continue reading

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