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The New Custody Battle – Who Gets Mom & Dad?

Understand the importance of choosing an agent to avoid ending up in a Probate Court custody battle. Continue reading

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Increase in Exempt Property

Exempt property is property that a surviving spouse can protect from creditors of the estate. By allowing exempt property, the S.C. Code essentially guarantees a spouse that he/she will be able to maintain certainĀ household furniture, automobiles, furnishings, appliances, and personal … Continue reading

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The Omitted Spouse

Many people never create a valid last will and often those that do then forget to update them. Luckily, South Carolina law provides a remedy for spouses who marry and later learn that their husband or wife had a will … Continue reading

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Who will be the Personal Representative? (Part II)

Part II of this discussion on who serves as P.R. if you don’t have a will discusses the issues of divorce, minor children and common law marriage. Continue reading

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Pick Me, Pick Me! Who gets to be the Personal Representative of the estate? (Part I)

For an estate to be opened, there must be someone named as the Personal Representative (formerly called an Executor or Administrator). This person is responsible to the court, creditors of the estate and the heirs to ensure that the estate … Continue reading

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